Revive your story

Is your book out of date? Let's bring it back to life!

Have you preserved your legacy for the future?

There is no more permanent way to preserve your family history, memoir or other family records than in a printed book.
Our aim is to preserve your story for all future generations.

What can I make into a book?

When it comes to a project like constructing a book, what’s actually worth including between the covers?


Your knowledge is invaluable.
Books work great with personal accounts.

Photo Books

When you open up a photo book,
the memories will just fly out.

Military Histories

Wars hold many memorable moments. It’s time
to put them on paper so others can see them.


Everyone’s life is an amazing story to tell.
Record yours on paper for the world to see.

Family Histories

The story, the origin of your family line is
worth documenting a hundred times over.


Bring past events back into the present.
Relive the great moments of history.

Why should I choose to use books?

They Last

Books can last for centuries. For generations. There is no more permanent way to preserve your story than with print. Nor is there a more widely useful medium for sharing your memories with a wide audience.

They’re physical

Reading a book is an experience. One, technology rarely offers. The feel of the pages, the weight of a book. Plus, tomes are accessable at all times, straight off the shelf.

Presentation Shines

Technology is useful, but it has its limits. A printed document gives you a much larger range of options and flexibility. We take every cost to present your story as it actually happened.

At Gould – we LOVE books

Our History

We have been booksellers since 1976. For a time in the 1990s we handled the pre-printing (book set up and printing or print brokering) for about 250 private publishers – from simple short run saddle stapled books of a few pages through to large runs of case bound books of over 1000 pages.

Our Expertise

Your work is precious and we work with you to produce the best possible product to preserve your stories for future generations. We can advise you on areas such as page design, photo handling, creating an index, estimated production times, working within your budget, and many other aspects.

How can we help you?


If you need documents, letters, or photos scanned come talk to us. We have proper equipment that can accurately reproduce images that are bright, sharp, and clear.

Graphic Design

We love to make your book look amazing. We can can give you advice with laying out your book, and put together a cover design that properly represents the story inside.


If you’re not quite sure how to go spreading your book around, we can help you here! We include a free flyer that you can send out to gauge interest for your book.


We’ve been printing books for over 40 years, and so, we understand quality and presentation. Your book should last for many years to come. We ensure it does.

Talk to Alan or Steve today to start creating your book!


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